Laura C. Hohnecker, PhD is a Florida licensed psychologist and owner of Psychological Alliance , P.L. located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In her 40 years of practice, she has worked with children, families, and individuals in many treatment settings. During her years of service, she has developed expertise in both clinical and forensic issues.

For the last eight years, Dr. Hohnecker has become increasingly involved in working in the area of divorce, particularly high conflict divorce. Dr. Hohnecker is a certified Guardian ad Litem in Dependency Court and in Family Court.

Dr. Hohnecker is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Court mediator where she conducts mediations related to parenting issues, including timesharing and parenting of special needs children.

In addition to therapeutic mediation, she provides parenting coordination services, a means by which parents continue to work to resolve parenting conflicts in a neutral setting with a mediator who has additional training and experience working with children and their parents.

Courts sometime order individuals and families to undergo psychological evaluations to assist the court in making determinations of parenting and timesharing issues. Dr. Hohnecker regularly conducts social investigations (sometimes known as “custody evaluations”) as well as individual psychological evaluations. Issues before the court may include suitability to parent, “alienation” and abuse determinations, and matters related to mental health, including post traumatic stress.

Reconciliation or family restructuring therapy is sought when a child resists or refuses contact with a parent. Dr. Hohnecker has been extensively involved with families for whom this has been an acute or chronic issue. Working with children and their parents to resolve this issue has been an ongoing area of practice and study for Dr. Hohnecker.

Collaborative divorce is a relatively new way to obtain a divorce. A couple seeking divorce works with a team including two attorneys, a financial professional and a neutral mental health issue to help the couple divorce without the trauma of litigation. Dr. Hohnecker is trained to work as a neutral mental health professional to assist the couple in resolving parenting and other related emotional issues without resorting to court and expensive litigation.

Consultation services range from providing expert witness testimony and consulting with attorneys and their clients in matters related to timesharing, parenting plans, and dealing with child-related issues.Dr. Hohnecker continues to be active in treating clients with a wide range of emotional difficulties including trauma, divorce, and stress.