Welcome to www.psychalliance.net

Welcome to my website!

Having started my professional career in the pre-computer era and have moved on the laptops, smart phones, texting, and apps, it seemed only reasonable to take on a website as well. My thanks go the Timothy and Beth Walker for reading my mind and putting together a website for me without my having to explain what my vision for the website was. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Tim and his wife are my nephew and niece.

My interests in life range from reading and gardening to finding a way to outsmart my two Westies. I am not certain that I will accomplish the latter but I can only try.

Professionally I quite often work in the area of high conflict divorce. I meet a lot of great kids and parents who are trying to find their way in a difficult situation. My hope is to write a bit about the ways parents can find a less conflicted way to get beyond the hurt and anger.

As for me, I may even learn to tweet…