Financial Policy

Fees will vary according to the service rendered. Individual and family psychotherapy services are $200 per hour for a 50 minute hour. If the individual and family psychotherapy is part of reconciliation therapy either ordered by the court or agreed upon by attorneys, the responsible party will be charged for telephone calls, emails, conferences, or related services at the rate of $200 per hour. A retainer will be charged to cover advance payment for services.

Parenting Coordination fees are billed at $250.00 per hour unless otherwise stipulated by the court. Dr. Hohnecker requires the parties to sign a contract which includes the details about billing.

Guardian ad litem services are $250 per hour unless otherwise stipulated by court order or other arrangement. A retainer will also be required for payment of services rendered which may include home visits, collateral contacts, emails, conferences, telephone calls, and report writing. If Dr. Hohnecker is required to attend a mediation, payment for her time at the mediation is required at the end of the mediation. Should the retainer near depletion, a further retainer will be requested. Failure to replenish a retainer account can result in a suspension of services until the retainer is replenished. If Dr. Hohnecker is required to travel out of the area, she will provide an estimate of cost, including airfare, meals, accommodation, rental car, etc. prior to the onset of travel.

If Dr. Hohnecker is serving as the mediator, her fees are billed at $250 per hour with a two hour minimum payable at the end of the mediation. A 24 hour cancellation notice is required or there will be a cancellation fee of $500.00.

Fees for court-ordered psychological evaluations, including social investigations will be agreed upon prior to the beginning of the evaluations. A retainer will be required prior to the beginning of the evaluation and will be based upon the estimated extent of the work. All payments must be made before the report is released.

Consultant and collaborative law mental health professional fees may range according to the requirements of the case. Please contact Dr. Hohnecker for more details.

Any monies held in the retainer accounts will be returned after the matter has been closed or resolved.

Fees for court appearances and depositions of Dr. Hohnecker will be charged at the rate $300 per hour. Dr. Hohnecker may also include a reasonable preparation fee for her appearance or deposition. Court and deposition fees MUST be paid in advance of her appearance.