Mediation is the process by which individuals resolve their differences in a confidential manner with the assistance of a specially trained and certified individual called a mediator. Dr. Hohnecker has been certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a family court mediator. She restricts her practice to parenting issues, including timesharing, educational issues, medical problems, and any other issue related to the needs of children.

Mediators are neutral, that is they are not on either party’s side. They do not make decisions for the parties. Their sole purpose is to assist the individuals in resolving the issue(s) at hand and therefore avoiding the court making decisions. If the mediation successfully resolves the issue, the mediator will write up an agreement for the parties to sign which will be filed with the court. At the end of the mediation, no matter whether the issue is resolved or not, the mediator will file a form with the court indicating whether the issue has been resolved or not. In the case the issue was not resolved, the mediator simply indicates that that there was not agreement on a form and submits it to the court. There is no mention of why the mediation was not successful.