Psychological Evaluation

Sometimes individuals are required to undergo psychological evaluation. The reasons are varied from an individual seeking to have a better understanding of one’s own psychological makeup to a court ordering a psychological evaluation. Court ordered evaluations are known as “forensic evaluations” and differ from voluntarily sought evaluations. A key difference is the issue of confidentiality. An evaluation ordered by the court is not confidential and the contents of the evaluation may become part of the court record. 

Forensic evaluations can be performed on individuals, couples, or families. On occasion, evaluations sometimes called “social investigations” can be ordered to determine timesharing issues including parenting plans (formerly called “child custody”) can include home visits to meet the children, contacting individuals who know the family, reviewing medical/school records and perform psychological testing on all members of the families.

Forensic evaluations require additional training and consultation. Dr. Hohnecker has attended child custody evaluation symposium and professional meetings to increase her knowledge in this area.